Who We Are

Our Organizers

Edward Richards

Agricultural Professional and Entomology Innovator

Edward Richards is an agricultural biotechnology professional with broad experience in plant, insect and bacterial interaction. In addition to professional roles as a plant molecular biologist, Edward is founder of High Quality Entomology Services. Edward has experience on founding teams providing innovative entomology assays, insect rearing system development and insect product development. Edward has been a part of the RTP AgBio+AgTech innovation community since 2017.

Angel Turner 

Agricultural Data Scientist and Innovation Evangelist

Angel is an agricultural professional and data scientist who possesses extensive experience in experimental design, modeling, analysis, visualization, and quality management in research settings. She is passionate about incorporating foresight, compassion and community connections into the innovation process to create a more positive future.

Current Advisors

Susanne Kjemtrup

Ag Innovation Management Consultant

Susanne is a leader and innovator who thrives on solving scientific and strategic challenges in business and academic settings. With expertise in automated phenotyping, gene discovery, plant physiology, and microbials, Susanne leverages critical thinking and talents as a people leader to achieve results with technical and innovation teams. Susanne’s passions for coaching and community science education bring value to collaborators at all levels and the entire community.

Former Advisors

Bettina Darveaux

Plant Biologist (Botanist, Ecologist) | Data Analyst

Bettina is a Plant Biologist specializing in data analytics with over 15 years experience in the agricultural biotechnology industry. Bettina's passion for ensuring research data quality is bolstered by her technical skills in data mining, visualization, and data management. With education and career experiences in the plant sciences, Bettina uses her data skills to fuel innovation and inform her lifelong curiosity and passion for plants.

Steve Screen 

R&D People and Science Strategy Leader

Steve is an accomplished people and strategy leader; passionate, highly motivated, enthusiastic, with a history of delivering results. With expertise in discovery, data management, data analysis, and data visualization Steve thrives in fast-paced environments where agility, innovation, broad technical expertise, critical thinking, collaboration, and product focus can drive success. Steve is committed to building strong teams, developing people, and connecting with the community.