March 25 — Automated Crop Pest Monitoring

Automated Crop Pest Monitoring

Automated crop pest monitoring is the way of the future and it’s here. If you’ve ever spent time gazing at stacks of fungus gnat bespeckled sticky papers or, trudged cotton fields in hundred-degree weather to check leaves for tiny moth eggs, then you probably won’t miss this manual counting activity. Join us as we host Al Schoneman of Trapview to share his knowledge of pest monitoring automation in agriculture and how the deployment of automated pest management systems is bringing value to farmers. This event location is sponsored by Phloem, LLC.

Find us in ‘The Classroom’ at the RTP Foundation’s Frontier Building.

4:00-4:10 Arrival at The Classroom in the Frontier

4:10 Introductions/ Instructions

4:15- 4:55 Speaker:

***Allen Schoneman

Title: ‘ How to deploy pest monitoring systems ‘

4:55-5:15 Networking

5:30 End /Leave The Classroom

Al Schoneman

Allen Schoneman

Automated Pest Monitoring: Trapview

The RTP Foundation's Frontier Building (The Classroom)