December 5 – Future Focused Agriculture Networking

Join us for a casual winter welcome networking social at the Frontier. Let’s celebrate our first year together by conversing on our favorite subject!

Whether you are a software geek and food connoisseur starting a business connecting local growers to restaurants, a biotechnologist developing in-plant as biosensors to support precision management, an engineer working on robotically deployed drip irrigation devices, or simply obsessed with Ag—we are your people! Because yes, we are just that cool.

In addition to excellent conversation, we invited a few local companies and organizations to host informational booths.

  • NC Cooperative Extension Hemp Program
  • Forthright Engineering
  • DataGraph
  • AgBio+AgTech
  • RTP Foundation
  • Bombshell Breweries

We will also have plenty of representation from our sponsors in the crowd; please let them know how much the MeetUp means to you. Play ‘Find Waldo’ and see if you can find them on your own, or stop by the AgBio+AgTech booth and I will point them out to you. As always, let one another know who you are, what you are passionate about and any resource needs that you have. We are building a stronger Ag community.

Thank you to our sponsors for a great first year!

  • North Carolina State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Indigo Agriculture
  • AgBio+AgTech