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November 10 – Meet Cosmic Eats at Alexandria’s LaunchLabs!

Cosmic Eats: Secure food for insecure situations

Cosmic Eats

We are taking over Alexandria LaunchLabs to learn about NASA award winning Cosmic Eats, Inc. from CEO, Sheetal Shah.

Find us at 9 Laboratory Drive, Durham NC on the Alexandria LaunchaLabs AgTech campus. Please refer to the map below for directions to the room. Signs will be posted.

Agenda for meeting:
5:00-5:10 Arrival
5:10-5:15 Announcements/ Introductions
***Angel Turner, Edward Richards, Suzanne Kjemtrup
5:15-5:35 Talk from Cosmic Eats, Inc
***Sheetal Shah, CEO of Cosmic Eats
5:35-6:45 Q&A with Cosmic Eats
6:30 Meeting End; Or move the conversation to Glasshouse Kitchen just across the parking lot!

To support this AgBio+AgTech event we suggest a $2 donation. We also accept more formal sponsorships.

Map for November 10 Site Map Alexandria LaunchLabs, Durham NC

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